Time Stood Still

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I just spent a week where time
stood still.  Minutes became
hours, days ran into each other
and it was bliss, pure bliss.

Eight of the most incredible women
on this planet came together as one wild heart
to begin training as intuitive painting
facilitators and it was more than I could
have ever imagined.

Women that were more open, generous,
expansive, fearless and brave than
I could have ever hoped to meet
in this lifetime, women who became
my friends, who came together as one tribe.

Under the wisdom and guidance of
this woman, Chris Zydel, our messenger hawk,
we explored, pushed inward, pushed deeper
to places we never expected, could never
have imagined.  The power of this process,
the immense personal revelation and healing
it brings still astounds me.

And it all took place here….

Mountain Home Ranch
in Calistoga, CA. 340 acres
of wild hills and canyons
at the top of the Napa Valley.

Dusty hills, sequoias and a 2,500 year old redwood, valleys,
canyons floors, skyward lookouts and a labyrinth.  A magical
place tucked at the end of the serpentine road at the top of the

Fall all over again in the colors of the land…

Late light spilling sun into the cup of the world…

Shadows of the spirits
welcoming us into the tribe…

And what a tribe we will be as we meet and learn together,
bond more closely three times over the next year.  I am in awe
of their wisdom and bask in their loving gifts, still trying to take
it all in.

I missed all of you and will spend the week I know just trying to
catch up to what you have been up to.  Lyle as always you make
me laugh as I light up!  And Jennie, thanks so much for your sweet
gifts, more on that next post.

xox Corrine

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