Contradictory Weather and the Mail Fairy Leaves Spooky Pumpkins in the Night

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Contradictory weather was the order

of the day yesterday.  At one moment
a menacing cloud sank the blue of the sky,
leaves rained down in frothy golds and reds
as wind gusted up white caps on the pond.
Rain pelted for a minute or two and then 
it was gone leaving bright sun in it’s wake.
I took this shot from the living room window
and play liberally with the photo so you could
see that cloud.  Isn’t it marvelous? So forthright 
and purposeful, you know it means business.
Five minutes later the small
coral bark maple look like a 
golden dream sitting in the sun.
Sometime during the night the mail fairy sent the
most spooky, skinny, mysterious pumpkin to my
door.  All the way from western Pennsylvania
(or is that Transylvania?) it arrived. Complete with ghostly
oak leaf and glittering copper and wooden charms.
It was none other
than the work of
Jill Eudaly of Recycled Daze.
And along with this spooky pumpkin
her daughter Eva made me some glitter
pieces and Jill sent some other fun bits
and her dyed paper bags for me to
play with. Thank you Jill.
Are you sure you are not from Transylvania?
During all this weather yesterday, I got
a good start of some remains of the day
journals I am making, cutting papers and sanding
recycled packaging.  I covered the worksurface 
of my table, so I better get organized today
so I can actually begin sewing more bits on.
Happy Friday.

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