Sewing By Hand and A Visitor Shows Up

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I spent Saturday hand sewing a gift
for a friend.  The inspiration came
from Lori Lundy‘s article on Decorative
Jean Pockets in the new issue of
Somerset Holidays & Celebrations.
I thought this jean pocket was a fabulous
idea and wanted to try it out myself.

I had a pair of jean shorts from my son’s girl
Jackie that had just the right amount of wear
so that the pocket pouch I made would look
shabby.  I added a digital photo on organza,
tucked it into muslin and added some lace
and a silver heart.

I used cotton lace for the hanger,
tucked a lavender sachet I made
into the pouch, and a real oak
leaf into the tiny front pocket.

the back pocket had a good wear spot
in it so I sewed a felt circle and a rag flower
in a rustic way to cover the wear.

 A recycled packaging tag
a stamp and some scraps of
this and that became a collage card on
which to write a quick note.

As I worked, David went off
to pick up the mail and the most
amazing gal showed up.

Why Cute Potatoe of course!

She came with quite the travel journal
with her history and all about where
she lives with Beate and amazing
entries from her travels far and wide
with friends all over the world.

Her satchel, made by Beate, contains
gifts and treasures she has received
from all her friends.  This chick does
NOT travel light.

I love the tags Beate made.

Cute Potatoe needed some rest, but more adventures to come.

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