Mushroom Madness and a Little Tour

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I took a little photographic tour of the property today
and I thought I would take you with me.

I enjoy walking the whole two acres every now and
again to do a check of the dog fence line, see what volunteer
plants have come up in unexpected places, and generally
feel connected with the place I live and love.

I started at the pond on this juicy, warm day.

The float gently lapping in the waves.

The beginnings of color
on the maples across the way.

The winterberry full and bright
the last thing the birds will eat in
the winter.

The fading hydrangea’s still
retaining a shabby beauty.

Moving on to the wildness of the
garden that wasn’t this year…

A surprise squash that
will be part of tonight’s dinner.
Pesto anyone? I make mine with
zucchini, broccoli and stinging nettle.

The new fall nettle crop.
It’s a wonder what a little
rain can do.

Some surprise calendula.
Last year’s seeds I tossed in
the ground as an afterthought.

A bee enjoying the goldenrod nectar.

Flourishing mint for the
bunnies, they love it so.

On the walk back from the garden I stopped at
to notice the uncut wood pile as sculpture.

Myceleum madness at the base
of a birch stump.

The ancient one on patrol.
Mad squirrels could be lurking about.

Back to the patio, a gourd
as swan. A gift from my friend Eileen.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thanks for walking
with me.

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