New Friends, More New Friends and a Whole Mess of Food

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Banner weekend. I mean BANNER weekend.

Kim and Dave arrived on our doorstep
today for a meeting of blogland friends
for a short visit, and…
four hours later we sent them on their
way to Maine.

It was a great visit.  Kim and Dave are so
down to earth, open and wonderful. I felt like old
friends we had known forever had come
to lunch and we started a conversation where the
last one left off.

We laughed, we talked, we ate, we talked,
we laughed some more, some coffee
some dessert and we
even managed to take a few pics.

Here they are full and happy after lunch about to depart for

Kim and I posing for
a pic, and Kim didn’t even
close her eyes for the flash.
She’s the tall babe on the left and
I am the short chubby chunk of fun on the right.
(While some of you might recognize Kim,
I never post my picture, so thought you should

Kim brought me the most amazing gifts,
including a very special sister of Candace’s
that will be staying with me. She had no name,
so Kim wanted me to name her
and since she is an extremely skinny chick indeed,
Flat Alice she will be.

Kim also brought me some of her fabulous
bead earings and some other collage goodies
she made including this strawberry post card
and a coffee mug from the Bad Girls of the North.
See that sweet eskimo doll on Flat Alice’s lap.
I think they shall have to be constant companions
from now on…

Here is a close up of the earings, swoon…

Kim and Dave will be back for a more extended visit
in a week or so, but in the mean time, please check out
her blog where you can see more of her marvelous
jewels and mixed media art.

Yesterday paella ruled the day. Antonio
worked his magic with the cazuella and
we dined on a fragrant seafood paella.

Everything came to us including Antonio’s
Spanish music to set the mood. You can
find our more about him here

Thanks to Tim and Monika’s generosity
for this wonderful party and some new
friends Berongere(I am sure I spelled this wrong)
and Veronique, some lovely French gals
who came with Moni and Tim and old
friends James and Eileen and son Jay and his girlfriend Jackie.

Moni is a close, close friend, a marvelous cook and
talented poet.  Here is huggable Tim looking at pics.

The weather hung on and we had no rain
until after we ate so a fire in the fireplace
and some patio chat.
David and James talking
bikes and guitars….James
is quite the accomplished bike racer.
Girls by the fire,
every picture of Veronique
is a blur.  A talented artist
and voice teacher and
Berongere has been
working at woof(organic farming).
The temps never got above 64F all day.
Lots of laughing and wine
drinking.  What better to do
with friends.  We shared a
sumptuous meal and conversation.
It was a splendid day.
I feel so fortunate to have met new friends, who
are now old friends.  Looking forward to Kim
and Dave’s return.

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