Journal Making

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I wanted to say thanks so much for
all your lovely comments on my
post about my Mother.  I really
appreciate them all and the warmth
and kindness in friendship
you extended to me.

Yesterday in between phone calls
I played with scraps, bits
and stuff around the studio table
to construct this journal…

The cover is from a book
from 1936 and has lots
of wonderful water stains
on it.

Scraps from the weavings
made for snappy button
embellishments and some hand dyed
ribbon that came from
Linda Vincent frilled up the
wire rings.

Scraps of maps, silly calenders, flash cards, dictionary
pages and mag pages make for a journal of chaos to be
further written on and collaged.  There is a pocket
lodged under the dictionary page, though you can’t tell
from this pic.

This was a meditative exercise in ripping and
pasting that kept me occupied for the whole day
and it felt wonderful.  My mojo’s been a bit missing
of late and this activity brings it flowing right back.

I think I shall make several of these in the
“use it up” fashion.

Brisk, Fall  transition this morning.  Temps
at 46F, one above when I would normally light
my wood stove to take the chill off the house.
I bought wooden matches the other day and it’s
time to polish up the wood stove and get ready
for the season…

Happy Fall.


  1. I too have been in a bit of a funk about being creative. Can't seem to get started so I will do a cut and paste like you did cause i just love what you did.

  2. Love the look of your Journal Corrine and sounds like another way i can forget about my stresses lol xx

  3. Your journal looks great! I'm a little behind both with my blog as well as reading others so I'm only now reading your post about your mother. It sounds like she was a special person.

  4. This journal is great! Very cosy, very clever and yes, goodness, wooden matches for a stove or fireplace say Fall like nothing else! But 46? brrrrrr….
    Thanks for your sweet words and visit. It's always a joy coming here.
    Peace Out! Candace

  5. The journal looks great and must have been fun and soothing to make.

  6. Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives says:

    Your journal dedicated to your mother brought tears to my eyes and an understanding for this familial bond…this is an exquisite tribute …Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Heleb Fernandez Stewart

  7. Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives says:

    You know I am tired when I misspell my own name :O)! Fern Stew

  8. I love all the maps, and old book pages and for it all to have such meaning for you with memories of your mother is doubly wonderful

  9. I found you through a comment somewhere…
    This journal looks gorgeous. I love the way you blend it all together! I enjoyed drooling over your art! Very inspiring!

    Love your header 🙂

  10. Roses, Lace and Brocante says:

    Hi Corrine
    I've only just read your great post about your mother. She is still very much part of your life, and that is a great tribute to her.
    Remembering is important.

    Your journal is amazing.
    Take care xox

  11. so sorry for your loss… what a nice way to commemorate your mom. love your book!

  12. Well I would definately say that this exercise will help get your Art Mojo back in gear!!! wonderful Journals !! i really admire your writing abilities and the way you are able to express your feelings aobut your mom, in your previous post. Losing your Mom when you were so young must ahve been so very hard. You ahve a wonderful perspective and that demonstrates how strong and smart and sensitive you are!!!

  13. A therapeutic journal…the best kind 🙂
    Glad you like the ribbon…… xx

  14. this is sooo precious, Corrine….most importantly you've taken what's ordinary and housed your memories of your beloved mother in this beautiful book…

  15. Marilyn Rock says:

    Journals are awesome to turn to and yours is incredible! I love your pages. I, too, find when I am experiencing a block, if I turn to my journal – maybe the pressure that I know it's just for me helps. It really is therapeutic. xxoo

  16. Jill Eudaly says:

    whomever gets to look at your journal will share the joy you had in making it. It looks like a treasure.

  17. La Dolce Vita says:

    what a fabulous journal!! btw, you WON MY HEART! let me have your addy so I can mail it to you!!! xox

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