Jack In The Box

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I finished this piece today
a bit of silly whimsy and
lots of color.

It reminded me of a
Jack in a Box, which
I used to hate as a kid
always scared me
(must be the fear of
clowns thing) because
the toy I had contained
a figure with a Punch and
Judy kind of face.

But, I felt like the piece
was leaping into the air
and spilling glittery confetti
all round.

Gorgeous Fall like day,
got to spend the rest of it

Heard a statistic on the news
yesterday that said the average
American spends 99% of their
life indoors.  What a tragedy
that is – not me, not we and the
hoards in this house.

Got to celebrate my anti-holiday.
It is Labor Day in the USA, a time
to rest.  I always work outside on
Labor Day, feeling oh so productive
and getting things done.


  1. I love this piece … all the different colors, textures, stitching. Wonderful. We'd be outside today if it wasn't so hot. Hermine might bring us some rain for the next several days and we need it.


  2. love it ! great colors! you may think Jack my 1st thought was dryer vent hose against a washboard! funny what goes thru the lame brain. enjoy the gorgeous day!

  3. Ive enjoyed catching up on your blog .i love the biscuit hunting culprit .I have jackets like that they can never go in from the pocket opening can they ??..don't you just love em though ……..love the colours on this piece…. its strange how many people dislike clowns though ……i used to cry when I saw clowns as a child I also had a fear of father Christmas too ….x

  4. nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier says:

    wow so creative! I like it!

  5. La Dolce Vita says:

    cannot see the jack in the box, but it sure is a great piece! and I am right with you on the scary clown thing, do not like clowns at all!!

  6. Bursting with colour and texture, it is wonderful. Would be great to know what size your stunning pieces of art are.

  7. Nice work Corrine. It was a beautiful weekend. I'm so glad you were able to get out in it!

  8. LOVE this soo much. Corrine!!!!

  9. NuminosityBeads says:

    That piece has so much going on and it looks like you pulled it all together so nicely and I'm imagining you dancing outside tossing confetti hither & thither. i like the transition from the darker left side to the brighter and festive right side.
    xoxo Kim
    PS, sorry if my answer to your email sounded kind of stiff, I was checking on someone else's computer and was in a hurry.

  10. I like this and that it's outside! So much color and inspiration outdoors. 🙂

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