Summer Mending

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My favorite linen pants came out
of the laundry like this…

Perpetrated by a biscuit remnant hunting thief like this…

Who snuck unto the laundry
only to wreak havoc once again.
Yes, this is the third time….
So I coffee dyed this…

And with Deborah in mind,
I hand sewed today in the sun
and came up with this…


  1. you are too much! what a fancy patch! that cookie monster would be in big trouble here! good save!

  2. Great idea, it's the perfect size and shape! Gotta love the little rascal anyway!

  3. Love it! Saved the pants and the dog!!!!!!!!!!

  4. La Dolce Vita says:

    a perfectly gorgeous solution!!! way to go!!

  5. Love it! Did you remember to thank the little thief for your improved pants??

  6. Oh, I love it! Mending. Linen. Coffee dyed lace. Doesn't get any better! I love the thought of you mending in the sun with a smile on your face.


    Such a cheeky little scamp, butter wouldn't melt …..

  8. Marilyn Rock says:

    You're brilliant! Great idea! What a cute cookie monster 🙂 xxoo

  9. Kim Mailhot says:

    Brilliant ! Now you have your favorite linen pants back only prettier ! I have a holy, I mean hole-y t-shirt that will be receiving some kind of similar treatment as soon as I get the sewing machine out again…
    Happy Life with all its patches ! 😉

  10. Michelle Shopped says:

    wow your style is exploding corinne! i've missed a lot — incidently i have one of those characters in my house — you know the kind that manages to nibble holes wherever a treat may or may not be found! loving the new blog header — i gotta go in a new direction with my blog just not sure where or if i should just write for our other one — it's so hard writing for one let alone two — p.s. you doing anything 9/17 or 9/18 — jane davies is gonna be down here for a couple w/e classes…

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