Urban Graffiti and Mail Art For Me

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I have been driven to further explore
the woven collage graffiti idea.

I am testing out some ideas for a larger
series of pieces I am doing for a project
which I will reveal when completed.

I thought weaving from a variety of viewpoints
and telling stories is one of them.  Today
I played with adding collage elements inside
the weaving strips and collage elements on
top and some paint too. This piece has the
beginnings of dimension that I am looking for
and I will continue to play with this idea. I think
there will even be some sewing too…but for now
while the rain is softly falling…

If you look closely in the
upper right hand corner of
this pic, the collage inside
the glass on my kitchen cabinets…
Every thing in my world is collage.

Mr. Postman brought me a nice big
envelope from pal Lyle fill with some
fun vintage pages including some in
German and this enormous foot, oh well,
you’ll see…

Need some vegall for those  chickies!

Is that a foot, or is that a foot?
Lyle always makes me laugh,
no matter what…time to get busy
and make this envelope over for
the next round….some mail going
off to some pals in the UK too.

Enjoy this much needed rain.


  1. lyle baxter says:

    I love how the weaving is looking. I dont have the right words to describe what I see but there is depth and movement showing there. keep on! glad you like that foot. It made me laugh. lyle

  2. Stephanie says:

    very much enjoying your work here! thanks to Lyle for sending me your way.

  3. Hi Corrine ….hope this doesnt publish twice I had forgotten my password ……..and blogger went funny on me ………i love your weaving I can see amazing possibilities for that .I have missed your art work ……..gracie is improving slowly she split her stitches ……another story…..but its good to be back here …….xx

  4. Love your split thinking, Urban grafitti & this piece too, really rich colors, they just sing.

    I'm in the whale's mouth too, but I just know he'll spit me out soon!

  5. I absolutly love your collages; they are very much like life itself – bits and pieces woven together, one layer on top of the other, some colourful, some not so much, some messy, some clean and tidy.

  6. Jill Eudaly says:

    your postman must get a thrill when he/she delivers your mail! what fun!


  7. I love your weaving Corrine and the mail art….lucky you.

  8. Great textures and colors in the weaving!

  9. I simply adore these, Corrine!!!!

  10. Oh Corrine, these last art pieces of yours are so delicious, weaving colours and texture together into magic. Love them all!

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