Summertime Graffiti

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Inspired by Nina Lise’s quilt that she
sent to the Festival of Quilts in
Birmingham, UK, I was thinking
of summer in the city.

One of the things I enjoy seeing
always is graffiti.  I know it annoys
some and I certainly don’t condone
hate messages, but I am talking about
pure drawing on walls that
to me brighten’s the city landscape.

If often think of graffiti as urban speak,
a way for those who don’t always have
a voice, maybe never have a voice, to
speak and say hey we are here.
Drawing as a way of saying we are alive.

In the spirit of both Nina Lise’s quilt and
graffiti and my continued exploration of
this weaving that I am making, I used the
back of a Kashi frozen pizza box and some
recycled magazine pages that had been glued
together to create my version of summertime

Rural speak recycle.


  1. Joyce at Calico Paint says:

    Oh, wow! You have really captured hot summer graffiti. I love it.

  2. Your woven pieces really speak to me. I too appreciate "good" grafitti and love how different artists have been allowed to decorate some builings and walls. It's strange; I was actually taking pictures of one of those buildings yesterday.

  3. Looking good. Love these woven masterpieces!!!!!!

  4. Amazing!

  5. Love this and all the pretty color! I like graffiti of color and beauty too. 🙂

  6. Beate Knappe says:

    Amazing! – I love that it is woven and for me it looks really about summer feelings!!!!

  7. sophie munns says:

    Hi Corrine,
    loving these woven works…
    you seem to be having a fabulous time creating…enjoy…its looking great!

  8. Jill Eudaly says:

    I'm a BIG recycler, love the materials and look of your work.

  9. says:

    Beautiful artwork. Love what you have done. It's really fantastic!!

  10. Thank you so much for sending me some of your inspiration! I blogged about it last night:

  11. Marilyn Rock says:

    This is jaw dropping to me! I love it!

  12. another amazing piece, Corrine….I so love your art!!!

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