Jonah and The Whale

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On Monday the office swallowed
me up, just like Jonah and the whale.
Last night it spit me out, but I was too
pooped to pop as the saying goes.

This morning the coyotes called
at 4:30 am and the canine’s responded
in kind.  Thanks goodness for
french roast coffee and my old
fashioned percolator.  Yes, I said
percolator.  I am a lover of the
simple method of cooking.
In the summer my bitsy(2 cuppa)
percolator goes on the electric stove,
which heats her up in about 4 minutes.
In the fall and winter she percs on the
wood stove using no electricity at all.
The wood heats us 4x times when we
cook on the stove. Splitting, stacking,
burning and cooking.

I had a few minutes before the whale
returned for another meal…

A quick mail art post card from some
recycled post cards, some kraft
from a packing carton and news paper type.

Another glorious summer day breeze included. I think I’ll
perc some more coffee before the whale swims in again.


  1. Ah, yes. I've met THAT whale!!!!

    Enjoying your mail art….

    (Percolator … that's how I learned to make coffee. No wonder I don't *do* coffee anymore. Folks have to bring their own!!!!!)

  2. La Dolce Vita says:

    oh those coyotes! they set off our furbabies too, creeps me out everytime!
    hope your percolator kicks some whale butt!! xo

  3. I used to have a percolator. Now I'm wondering what happened to it. It's probably in the basement.

  4. lyle baxter says:

    I'll let you borrow my harpoon! glad my furbies cant howl! the neighbors gaggle of little yappers do in the middle of the nite. lovely! the mail man is slowly making his way to your house!

  5. Denise Scaramai says:

    ear, this combination of very cool!! 😉
    Jonah and the whale with the obligations of the day… sometimes we feel tossed to sort things..
    I think it is anyway …
    lucky that you're so integrated with nature,
    coyotes, dogs, cooking with firewood ….
    ah .. what glory!
    and you still have time to make the cards, which are very good!
    congratulations for all!
    health and peace to you!

  6. Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives says:

    My coyotes are very sneaky…I have a small dog and an arthritic 19 year old cat. I try not to let them out at night unless I am with them. I love my good cup of coffee early in the morning! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Marilyn Rock says:

    There's nothing like the percolator! Love your mail art! Have a great weekend ahead! xxoo

  8. Enjoy your mail art Corrine…Mmm and i bet that coffee tasted devine….thanks for your support over the past month…means heaps xx

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