A Perfect Summer Day

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Today is the most quintessential summer day
in my humble opinion.  The temps are hovering
around 73F/22C and there is a slight breeze.
The sun is shining in all it’s glory and there are
NO bugs.

Frogs are croaking, muskrats are eating
at the pond’s edge, the kids from Camp Rotary
and Wakanda are swimming, sailing and canoeing.
Birds are invading the feeders along with some
squirrels who can outrun the canine corp and
life is just darn good.

To celebrate this inimitable day I made this…

With a little help from Grandog Phil…

Hope your day is as perfect too…


  1. I love how you've woven the papers and all the colors. Is the background fabric or paper? Wonderful!!!!!!


  2. Very cool! And I love that you have a grandog. Our dog used to be furchild I think before we had kids for the grandparents. 🙂 I would love to see a photo of all your dogs together sometime if you could get them to hold still? 🙂

  3. I love your work as always Corrine!!!

  4. Joyce at Calico Paint says:

    I like the weaving and the colors very much – a great depiction of "summer" with the sun and hot colors.

  5. Love your weaving, isn't it great making big & cutting down? Sometimes tho I get smaller & smaller til I can hardly see it!

    Beautiful bouquet & summer landscape. I don't want the swallows to gather & fly away yet! My Birdock must be about 5' with fabulous dark magenta flowers coming.

    I'm behind (again!) Your wardrobe is just great & I adore your nightstand! Can you believe we have a copper pipe curtain pole over every window?!

  6. Roses, Lace and Brocante says:

    A beautiful post – your words are pure prose.
    Hold on to your special day and store it for the days when the frogs won't be singing their song so loudly.

    In our part of the world – the southern hemisphere, summer is still but a memory, but I'm full of hope that Spring is almost here when I see an occasional snowdrop bowing it's head!

    I love the red and the design of your piece pegged to the line – tell us is it fabric or paper?!

    Take care,
    ps thank you for visiting today!

  7. Marilyn Rock says:

    Love the colors and adore the woven papers! You're magical! Today is our perfect weather day – temps in the high 70's – no humidity. Feels SO good! Hope your refreshing air continues. xxoo

  8. I love the colors and the weaving!

  9. Denise Scaramai says:

    Congratulations dear!
    that glorious and perfect day!
    while there is also a great job!

    and Phil is a charm!

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