Use It Up Play

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In our household we recycle far more
than we throw away. A couple of years
ago we made a conscious decision to
try and put as little waste in the landfill
as possible.   Every Monday
we put out recycling, but we only generate
one barrel destined for the landfill every
eight weeks we are proud to say.

We are truly lucky because we can use up all of
our food scraps either by feeding them to the
ducks and rabbits or by composting.  We thrift
whenever possible and we try and think
before we buy (except for books I have to admit).
But we pass them along too.

Anyone interested in a great book on upcycling
and re-thinking how we look at the world
might want to check out William McDonough’s
“Cradle to Cradle”. Even the book is printed
on upcycled NOT paper.

So today as David was gathering up recycling
from around the house, I grabbed some office paper
scraps, a paper bag and a  paint crusted
used up styrofoam (already upcycled food tray)
for my creative play.

Pasting, paint smooshing, stamping with paint
and a 3d tray embellished with more paint
and gold utee and glitter too.

And color, color, and more color of course!


  1. Jensters says:

    Its great to see recycling Corrine and these colours are so wonderful…might just check out that book by Williams xx

  2. Corrine, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the idea of recycling….al the way!! cheers! steph

  3. Stunning!

  4. Beate Knappe says:

    these colours are so wonderful full of live – gorgeous!!!

  5. I'm so impressed (with you and the artwork) – now you've made me think………

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