Fried Modem, Fried Mind

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Our modem fried itself yesterday
so we were without internet access
and it was strangely freeing to know
that I need not worry about email,
posting, blogging, anything.

Although I did miss checking in with
all my favorite blogger pals around
the world.

Comcast showed up at 4:30 today
and I was busy, busy in the office,
hence the fried mind…,
so I am offering up a photo tour of the
pond side of our house with it’s brilliant
blue hydrangea in bloom, before it
fades away.

I plan to dive in
with one of those noodles
you see at the bottom of the
photo and chill(maybe) in the tepid
water (it must be 80F). And if
you look closely at the photo,
you will see the ancient one
peeking through the bamboo

This hydrangea has so many blooms and the a
Annabelle next to it has those huge white, billowy
heads, but not so many this year.  A jungle of ferns,
climbing Boston Ivy and climbing hydrangea round
out the chaotic mass.

This is the mosaic fish
I made a couple of years
ago that David graciously hung
on the house (it must weight 50-60
pounds or more).  It is big enough
that we had to screw it directly
into the house.  It was a inspired by some tile we put into our kitchen
backsplash and the painted areas
really make the grout sing.

The busy Boston’s are keeping
everyone on their toes and they are
having a blast burying toys all over the yard.
I am hoping for a little reduction in this
humidity over the weekend, and a great
brunch with our pals Monica and Tim.
She is a marvelous, from scratch cook
and they live in an apartment with
a balcony hanging over the Charles
River in Cambridge so we can watch
the sailors while we dine.

Another glorious summer weekend
awaits. Enjoy.

xox Corrine


  1. NuminosityBeads says:

    Thanks for the view Corrine. I've fallen off a bit with my internet lately with so much travel and such. It's just so nice out these last few days.
    That's quite a mosaic fish- beautiful and it matches the hydrangeas too.
    Keep cool!
    xoxo Kim

  2. La Dolce Vita says:

    oh what a great post, had to get a close look of your ancient one! and those Hydrangeas are gorgeous! love your cute fish and lucky you, brunch with view of the Charles, had a friend in Boston who had an apartment with that view! bet the fireworks are lovely from that view too!!!

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love the fish – it needs a pair, doesn't it ? 😉
    I am saving my neighbour's hydrangea – you may remember that his wife, my friend, Katherine, died two years ago and we had shared the blue blooms of her front yard bush. This heat is killing the plant with the blooms almost ready to burst so I have started watering it everyday as Stephen doesn't have water in the front of his house. I just can't let that bush die…
    Looking forward to another glorious weekend. The beach was so sweet – about 83 with a strong sea breeze and the water was wade-able ! May just face the crowds and head back there this weekend…
    Enjoy the noodles ! 😉

  4. Mrs Moen says:

    Love the mosaic fish!! Your garden must be huge with all those things growing there; thanks for the tour.-)

  5. What a wonderful view from YOUR house! Have a grand weekend. Enjoy! LOVE the fish!


  6. Marilyn Rock says:

    Beautiful post; those hydrangeas – love 'em! The fish is marvelous. Thanks for sharing so much with us! I really enjoy visiting! xxoo

  7. Deborah says:

    It's nice to see your sweet ancient one. What a lovely place to live!

  8. artymess says:

    Idyllic Corrine ……….xx

  9. Jensters says:

    Such wonderful flowers Corrine and lovely to see your garden xx

  10. I just read a blog post about someone else who is enjoying her peaceful quiet weekend around the house– with all the summer blooms and pets–like you.

  11. What a beautiful house you have Corrine…such a lovely colour….and what a great setting!

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