Anniversary, Mail Art, and Some Flowers

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Today is our 9th wedding anniversary
and the 19th anniversary of our blind date,
the day we met.  On Saturday we drove up
to Newburyport to spend the afternoon
smelling the salt air, wandering the quaint
streets and shops and having a lobsta roll
as we would say round here.

Family is on the way today for a cookout
so I’ve no time for some creative juice, but
I thought I would give you a little photo tour
of Saturday’s outing.

One of the prettiest things about Newburyport
is the flower boxes outside the shop windows.
Each shop tries to outdo it’s neighbor, so the whole
of State street is blooming with flowers.

Some boxes were hot, some were romantic and some were…

blue and cool…

such a pretty stroll…

Cascading beauty everywhere and also some hot daisies with a bee

We sat by the ocean, by the boat ramp at lunch
and watched the vessels coming and going and
some cute springer spaniels play fetch in the water
while we dined.

Rip tide on the Merrimac, burned bodies
and sails and lobsta, what a treat!

In the mail from pal Lyle was this fab
paper doll she made and mail art envelope re-do,
how did she know our anniversary was today?

Enjoy the heat!!


  1. lyle baxter says:

    Happy Anniversary! newleywed! I must have had one of those messages from beyond telling me you two were the couple on the env. glad you enjoyed it.p.s. I had forgotton how pretty newburyport is! thanks for the photos lyle

  2. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Mail call is one of my favorite things! Love the paper doll. Beautiful shots of your beautiful walk!

  3. Mrs Moen says:

    Happy anniversary, Corrine!! How romantic to get married on the 10th anniversary of your blind date.-) Have a wonderful day!

  4. Have a great day! Thanks for the flower pics – I'm inspired to do more with my window boxes. And thanks for visiting my blog. It's such fun to communicate this way!

  5. Marilyn Rock says:

    Happy Anniversary Corrine!! Wishing you many more years of good health and happiness. My husband and I love Newburyport; it's one of our favorite spots. We vacation in Cape Ann every year. We're going in September or October this year. The past couple of years it's been too hot and humid in the peak time. You also had a great mail day – beautiful! xxoo

  6. Happy days, pretty flowers!

  7. Happy Anniversary Corrine!!!Those window boxes are really pretty.. Have a wonderful day!!

  8. La Dolce Vita says:

    Happy anni! I am enjoying the heat and my flowers are loving it too!! wanna soak it all up and remember for when the blizzards howl this winter!! xx's

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