Scanning for Heart

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While I love Dick Blick, what’s not to love
about discount art supplies; I do not like their
gel medium.  It is too thick, too plastic-y and
too shiny.  I use it primary for creating texture
which will be painted over or for adhering
cut up cereal boxes because it works well
and because it is inexpensive.  Did I say
cheap? Golden regular gel semi gloss is my personal
favorite, a little sheen, but not too in your face.
but for mail art, cheap is good, quick and easy.

The back side of yesterday’s envelope started
with texture, then brown, don’t know why,
just because I almost never use it,
good enough reason, but boring.
Halo pink gold, yellow green and black,
boring, so the brush led me to this egg
head with scanner kind of eyes and the
two cut out heart shapes.
Quin red, cad orange,
and cobalt teal, ah, color,
so much better.

Shiny photo, shiny gel,
courtesy of Dick…

Scanning for heart, a good thing!


  1. Heloise says:

    I've tried other makes of gel medium, but find Golden the best. I agree with you on dull colours, I much prefer warm bright colours.

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Nice one ! Love the shiny hearts here today. A little bling once in a while is okay. 🙂

  3. lyle baxter says:

    great colors.I use golden softgel medium matte for sticking stuff down and if I need to put finish on which I rarely do. not cheap but works on many weights. dont do cereal so dont have to recycle those! just the envelope please! and yours is in todays mail!

  4. Marilyn Rock says:

    I've never tried Dick Blick's medium but have heard others state same. Your mail art is so fabulous; I love your use of colors – always! Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Gorgeous colors and great texture to this piece.

  6. stacy kathryn says:

    Mail art sounds soo much fun!! Sometimes shiny is necessary and a good thing right?? My personal favorite gel medium is Golden too!

  7. i totally agree with you about dick blick gel medium! it is too thick, and for some odd reason it dries too quickly, which means it doesn't adhere stuff for collage very well. i bought one pint of it once and when i finished it, i never bought it again. for an alternative to golden, which can cost a pretty penny i highly recommend Liquitex gel medium and matte medium.

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