Candace Enjoys Brunch in Boston and Indecision

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Candace traveled to Boston today for a family brunch.
A veritable feast of New England favorites like roast
beef hash and eggs, not to mention some bacon
and fruit filled Candace to the brim and then some.

We can’t even talk about the desserts she had
because they were too numerous. Candace
wanted to sample everyone’s so she had
cheesecake, pecan pie, and strawberry
shortcake. A brisk walk was in order
after her feast but she stopped to smell the
flowers with grand daughter Brianna…

Candace very much wanted to pat Bruschi,
my son Jay’s dog, but Bruschi thought she
looked to much like a snack, so she just waved
from the safety of Jackie’s arms.
(photo a little blurry sorry, that’s what happens
when you forget your glasses!!)

This little guy full of
indecision showed up
on the studio table
moments ago. He appeared
from last night’s background
and greeted me…

What to do what to do what to do.


  1. Perhaps you are spending too much time with Candace … he looks a bit like her!!!!!!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful, long, weekend.

  2. artymess says:

    Gosh Candace's postage to her next hostess is going to be expensive if she keeps eating like that ….she'll be a right porker !!!!!but I do like a gal who likes her grub …..Interesting character emerging from your canvas …..xx

  3. Marilyn Rock says:

    I love seeing Candace with your grand daughter; she is a sweetie! Love your painting, too! xxoo Boy; Candace does get around 🙂 xxoo

  4. Kim Mailhot says:

    Looks like Candance and her hostess had a blast with the family today ! Awesome.
    I love Indecision…the art piece, not the real thing !
    Russian Grandmother, Babushka say "You don know vhat to do, do nothink."
    Happy Sunday evening !

  5. lyle baxter says:

    Indecision is delightful! but he looks a little like too many deserts are catching up with him too! have fun! lyle

  6. Jensters says:

    Now im not sure what Candance is about after reading Lorna's message is she going from blog to blog? and who owns her if im right…lol…ive had a bad couple of days so i could be reading more into this than is….great photos and painting Corrine xx

  7. Edward Munch springs to mind, are you feeling better now ;)?

    Wednesday is YOUR postcard day……!

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