Hi Ho Silver, Candace Rides Off Into the Sunset and a Gift

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An 1800 pound horse named Henry and a
1,500 hundred pound horse named Tyco were
no match for Candace.

Here she is getting up close and personal for
a pat. and a little smooch…

Henry is a 30 year old percheron/clydesdale mix and Tyco
is a 4 year old percheron paint.  They are best buddies and
groom each other every day while out grazing. Candace loved

She soon swung up to ride bareback on Henry off into the sun…
one little tiny hand holding his mane.

David was there to provide a boost up!  Bandit would have been
a better choice but he was having none of it.  Candace was sad
and throwing a little bit of a tandtrum as she looked at the ground.

Wild mini ponies have a mind of their own…

Candace will be traveling with us to Boston
over the weekend with our grand daughter
Briana for some more arty adventures…

Check out Kim’s blog for more about Candace

In the mail today came a most glorious gift
from my pal Nina Lise.  I admired this quilt
when she first made it as it so reminded me
of elementary school and little girl skinny arms
hoist to the sky to answer that question.

“I know More” is going into a place of honor
where it can be viewed every day.

In the package were some hand made paper and
fibers for me to play with as well.  Thank you so
much Nina Lise. You can see more of her fabulous
quilts at her flickr site here. Here photos are so much
better than mine!!!

Playing with recycled food containers for scrap
paper storage and thinking about Maya Donenfeld’s
class at Squam next week about re-using everyday
objects called Reinvention…

Happy Memorial Day everyone. xox


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Woohoo for Candace at the rodeo !
    So you are off to spring Squam – how wonderful ! I bet you will be warmer too.
    Enjoy the fun and have a great long weekend, Lovely Corrine.

  2. Jensters says:

    Candace sounds like she was having great fun and great shots of here too….stunning looking horses and what a wonderful gift to receive Corrine…have a great weekend..hugs Jennie x

  3. Loving this container. Between us all we could reinvent the world! (but not tonight!)

  4. artymess says:

    Lovely horses Candace is a lucky girl ….x

  5. Marilyn Rock says:

    Lucky Candace! Beautiful horses! You had a great mail day and enjoy your Memorial Weekend. xxoo

  6. Iowa Gardening Woman says:

    Candance is a very lucky girl to be so close to such beautiful creatures.

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