Art Walking

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A walk in the woods, something I do every day,
the same dirt road, the same hemlock forest,
a new way of seeing it.

Soft and hazy
like the forest is
when the western sun
moves through the trees
like lightening.

Extraordinary mail art from Extra Extraordinary friends.

Ms Lyle and I have been swapping and embellishing the
same envelope a few times adding, covering, revealing…

The “eyes’ were the thing and a fabulous piece from her
Lynne Perrella Class, along with some vintage scout images.
Not only did she include her stamp art(see the map fish),
but some instructions and  a how to.

My turn now…

Ms Emma, who is a marvelous collage artist
and many things more is doing a swap for her upcoming
50th.  Here is her swap back to me.

Here pieces are made with
the bits and pieces of life
and I am always inspired by her work.
If you want to send her a post card
for her 50th you can find out how on her blog. She would love it!

And finally, last but certainly never least, I was fortunate
enough to snag ever so quickly from Victoria’s esty shop
a small textile piece; Remnant #4.

Her work resonates for me and her color sense blows me away.
I love it!

Please be sure to visit
her blog and see the marvelous
things she creates!

Off for some outside play, if the mosquitos don’t carry me
away.  Happy Sunday.  xox


  1. I'm off to visit your bloggy friends. Mail call is wonderful and so much fun! Love your walk in the woods.

  2. Mrs Moen says:

    Love, love your forest!!
    You've got a lot of goodies this week; lucky you having scored one of Victoria's pieces, they are always gone by the time I get around to visit her Etsy shop.
    Happy Sunday to you too.-)

  3. Beate Knappe says:

    how wonderful thinks you get! I love Victoria's work too and love to do collage, but I have no time …….

  4. artymess says:

    Lovely textile and art eye candy Corrine ..does my soul good !!!…..Lorna x

  5. What lovely treasures in the mail 😉 Glad mine arrived safely.

    Your last 2 pieces seem calmer than your previous warriors! Who knows how the spirit moves in us, I can talk for England (& the rest of Britain!) but I couldn't begin to describe why I make what I do. The book looks good & yoga helps to keep me in the moment.

  6. lyle baxter says:

    thanks for showing our piece! it is such fun to do and to receive! and I love the critters on your other envie!

  7. Marilyn Rock says:

    Your walk through the woods piece is beyond words that I can find to describe! Stunning wouldn't even do it! Funny how art allows us to see the world in a different way; a beautiful way! You certainly received beautiful things; thanks for sharing with us. Have a lovely day and thanks for making mine brighter with your art. xxoo

  8. Deborah says:

    So many lovely things!

  9. Jensters says:

    I love the art walking and all the other mail art Corrine…..wonderful work.

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