Bits and Pieces

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A few bits and pieces today,
quick snippets of something
I have been working on and
some digital play too!

Live happier.

Have a great weekend!


  1. La Dolce Vita says:

    live happier!! i love that!!xx's

  2. Mrs Moen says:

    The words look like they are stuck in ice – very cool!
    Love the new header; reminds me of 1001 nights.

  3. Your header, new piece & generous giveaway are all yummyliscious!!! (count me in, please!) That's a great word (thank you for using it for me!)

    Should get a few more cards out today!

  4. artymess says:

    these are cool … that bubble wrap printing I see on the background?….xx

  5. Marilyn Rock says:

    Very cool! I'm likin' this! xxoo

  6. Heloise says:

    So beautiful. Love the colours you have used.

  7. Jensters says:

    Love this Corrine….very pretty colours xx

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