Wabi Sabi Apron Ate Her – Mrs Moen Table Cloth Challenge

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I am no seamstress!!!

But, I really wanted to participate in
Nina Lise’s tablecloth challenge. Her
quilts are an inspiration to me and
her humor always makes me laugh.
She is one talented lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in my Wabi Sabi way I made a funky
apron using the red and white linen tablecloth
(which as Nina Lise so aptly pointed out is sooooo
hard to cut because it slides this way and that)

Hence, again, I am no seamstress so you will
see wavy action on the tablecloth and I even used
stitch witch, yes, stitch witch, and even then
I could not make it straight!

But nothing about me is even either,
so I figure a crooked apron, with odd
stitching is just perfect.

My first and possibly my last
participation in the Mrs Moen Tablecloth

Front side with
the tablecloth,
one of my favorite
fabrics and some
canvas painted and
stitched as the lower trim.
This canvas was an old sheet
used as a drop cloth and then
turned into an art cloth. Beate
got a whole apron made out of
a piece of this cloth when we
did a swap a while ago.
Some stamped muslin covers
a hole on the side.

Back side showing
the full effect of the
funkadelic fabric
and all it’s colors.

Doesn’t it just make you smile!


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love it ! Funkadelic indeed ! That fabric is da bomb. Big Smiles and nicely done !

  2. Deborah says:

    What a wonderful idea to turn it into an apron! It looks great! I love the fabrics you used.

  3. I'm smiling! My post cards are certainly wabi sabi – I don't do perfect! Love that bit of blue canvas;) (what is a stitch witch?!) Can't believe your beautiful little dog is so faded, truly a boro dog. Also loving that corrugated c b as for the ugly post we all have ugly bits, making it work for us is the thing – I was thinking just like Kim as my post cards are backgrounds torn, cut stuck recut stuck some more. You've got lots of material there!& finally, is your SUN really called Jay? My eldest is Jay for James, how 'bout that?!

  4. It does make me smile. I quite like it! Do another! (Apron making should be on the list …….)

  5. Mrs Moen says:

    I am very happy to have pushed you out of your comfort zone bacuse the apron is wonderful; you are a seamstress indeed.-) I love it!!

  6. It's very, very sweet!

  7. Poppyprint says:

    Super fun! congratulations!

  8. Seamstress or not, it looks fab!!! Love the funky fabric.

  9. Sølvi's blog says:

    This one looks great – and will make you smile while you do the houswork og gardening – don't know when you will use it.

  10. pinksuedeshoe says:

    Oh what fun, that floral funkadelic fabric is awesome! And the checks just say "make me into an apron!" Love it!

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