The Ancient One and a Little Village

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I was working in the office/studio today and
looked over to see my ancient one (14 years)
sleeping so peacefully and looking as white
as the sheet he slept on.

When I snapped his pic he opened
his eyes to peek at me.  This little dog
came to us at 4 weeks after having been
dumped in a shelter and he weighed only
4 pounds.  He only weighs about 25 now.
Faithful friend, his eyesight is going, he is
pretty deaf and he follows me around
as if I am the pied piper because I have become
his eyes and ears.

In our fenced yard he follows the dog route
carved out by the tread of 16 paws along the
fence line around the whole acre and a half
and marks his territory as many times as
is necessary.  He can only leash walk every now
and again because he is a master puller and has
damaged the disks in his back, even though he
wore a sled dog harness for most of his life
to lessen the stress across his spine.

Being mostly blind and deaf does not deter his
hunting in the least and he is convinced that
the deer he smells is right around the next tree.

He is good at making
himself comfortable wherever
he finds the right spot.
This shot was taken only a couple of years
ago and you can see how much his coloring
has faded.  He is my buddy and today I am
celebrating my ancient one Man Man.

I made a few more little houses today.
A little village if you will.

Around a little green.


  1. Deborah says:

    What a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I really like the textures of your village!

  2. Beate Knappe says:

    Dogs – a life without them is not worth to live.
    Houses is one of my favorite themes too

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    And your neighborhood is pretty cool !
    Happy Tuesday !

  4. I love the log cabin in front of the houses! or have my eyes deceived me? you are so fortunate to have your faithful friend for so long! give him a hug for me!

  5. Michelle Shopped says:

    your pooch reminds me of my 16 y.o. joe — how can we not love them they are so faithful and nonjudgmental?! the best friends is an understatement — and i love this latest in your house series…

  6. La Dolce Vita says:

    oh I will! love the little houses, and your wonderful ancient one, love the way he finds any space to curl up in!

  7. Marilyn Rock says:

    This post tugs at my heart. Your love dog so resembles our Katie sweet that we had for many years. We are still missing her! We love them so much; they are the most faithful of the faithful! Enjoy the moments! Love your painting with the houses! Awesome! xxoo

  8. Awww. Your little old guy is such a sweetheart! I love him curled in the guitar case, and I can see why it would appeal to him.

    Love your little village too!

  9. He's precious! We adopted an ancient one as well. She was abandoned…locked in her crate…in a field on the side of the road. When a friend's daughter found her, she was malnourished and clearly abused. She also weighed less than 5 pounds…a lovely little cocker spaniel sweetheart. Our "Miss Buffy" is also nearly blind and almost completly deaf…arthritic as well, so we carry her quite frequently. She adores us and we adore her right back.

  10. Jensters says:

    Love this Corrine…..the colours are wonderful x

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