Mother’s Day Play

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Today we got to go and play with son
and his girl and her parents for brunch
on Mother’s Day.

A local institution in South Boston
called Amrheins that has been
in operation since 1890.  I used
to eat there when I was first out of college and
and working for a printing company down the
street.  My son now lives around the corner
so we are eating there again.

The brunch is to die for, literally,
there was so much cholesterol on
the plate that I could feel my arteries
clogging as I chewed, but, it was
grand nonetheless. Think gourmet
mac and cheese, hash, eggs benedict,
sausages and bacon, seafood, steak,
chicken and …
cheesecake, pastries, brownies and cookies.

Jay’s girl Jackie is such a doll,
a wonderful nurse, smart and pretty to
boot. Here parents are a delight as
well and we always have fun whenever
we are together.

My son sent me home
with these…

What’s not to love
but some luscious roses,
orange tulips and purple in
the blooms too.

Some time at the shop spent sprucing
up and an quick trip home with time enough
for studio play.

My thoughts were on the city so I put some houses

Happy Mother’s Day
hope you all got a chance
to play.


  1. Kathleen Botsford says:

    Sounds like a fabulous Mother's Day! I too spent the day with my family and a little time thrown in for some favorite things like old movies and a pile of magazines to browse through. I loved your abbondanza list!

  2. Karin Bartimole says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day – the perfect combo of sharing time with loved ones, and sharing time with Self. Your brunch meal description made me laugh! Love the colors in those flowers 🙂
    I find your houses playful and inviting- I love that I can zoom in, to get a good look at the rich textures, layering and stitching you've used. If only I could touch, too! xo

  3. Mrs Moen says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely day; I wish that we were celebrating mother's day too.-)
    Your little city is wonderful!! It's so strange; I'm just playing around with ideas for a "Summer in the city" quilt and this one pops up on my screen.

  4. NuminosityBeads says:

    A beauty day for you! Lovely!
    I'm glad that you thoroughly enjoyed your Mother's day too.
    I think Candace may be on her way to you soon.
    Thanks for your lovely comments about my son's production too!

  5. Marilyn Rock says:

    Happy Mother's Day and glad you had a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing with us. Your son's girl is lovely and he sounds like a wonderful young man; flowers are gorgeous! Your art is awesome; love the houses!!! xxoo

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