Dosfishes Does Do Subtle

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Okay, okay, I can do it.
My heart really wanted to slap
some orange on there,
but as an homage
to the lovely Cat,
who does subtle
better than anyone
else I have seen,
here is the first
Erosion Bundle
collage a la subtle.

Also, so inspired
and challenged
by all the brilliant
UK fiber and collage
gals Lorna, Emma and
Jennie, I have stitched in
heavy cotton string.

NO PROMISES for the next one…


  1. Well, hey, thanks for the mention, I was surprised that I was the Emma! Those blue letters on brown paper get me as does the bark & wrapped sticks – as for the stitching, well, glad to be of help! It's great so far!

  2. You are too funny! I love this! So much texture.

  3. artymess says:

    Hi Corrine you CAN do subtle and do it brilliantly …..I know how difficult it is being like you so motivated by colour…thanks for the mention….this is lovely maybe it's good to get out of our comfort zone at times ………xx

  4. Mrs Moen says:

    Congratulations on finishing your first erosion bundle already, it's so cool! I am happy to see that you hand stitched the bark on this time:-) I too saved all the string from my bundles to use in the piece; love how you used yours!
    Working with subtle neutrals is very facinating; you have to focus on other design elements, and you did that very well.

  5. Michelle Shopped says:

    what is it about orange (and hot pink for me, too?)…i totally hear you on that urge…finally checked out that erosion bundle link in your sidebar and i am in love — and been doing that sort of thing off and on for a while — it's re-inspired me to get moving again (as has your painting!)

  6. Kris Henderson says:

    Great!!! Great!!!!
    Good for you creating eroded art already!
    I love your piece…it's like there are little
    bundles within. And the stitching is great. I think it is one of those pieces I would love to get very close to see and admire! Very cool.

  7. Jensters says:

    Now i dont know how i missed this Corrine…..its very amazing and i love it….so glad you added some stiching on it…and it was nice to see my name which is a link to my blog… will have to let me know how to do this xx

  8. Tremendous piece. Love the textures and the colors here.

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