The Landscape of Pink and Purple

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One of the things I discovered while
painting in California, is that I had forgotten
all about the palette knife. Chris had such
an amazing array of tools and brushes, that
I found my self painting with scrapers and
palette knives.

I remembered that somewhere in the art box
that my mother used was at least one palette
knife.  She loved oil painting and tried her
hand at that.  I have held onto her now dried
up paints and tools for over 29 years since
she died.

Today, I resurrected her palette knife
and happily smooshed metallic paint all over
the paper.

Since she was a perfectionist, I am sure
that my methods would have somewhat
appalled her, but the spirit of my gesture,
of using her tools after all this time;
well I think she would have felt honored.

Some day I suspect my son will discover this
old wine box with dried up paint and wonder
why the heck I kept it all those years.  I think
I will include a letter inside and let him know why.

Happy Friday all.



  1. I think she would be pleased. I love these colors! I like the idea of leaving a note for your son.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful … brava!

  3. go grab a nice sheet of paper – maybe linen textured, a cream color – and write that note RIGHT NOW……x

  4. La Dolce Vita says:

    love your piece Corrine! and I have been using a palette knife too! great minds think alike, no matter how far away!! xx's

  5. Karen Cole says:

    Whoa!!! Your colors are so beautifully bright.
    I just sat and stared at your banner for awhile.

    I need some blog revamping…….badly.

  6. That's a good smoosh. She would have been proud. Just prooves that some things are worth holding on to.

  7. Michelle Shopped says:

    mmmm, i so love palette knives too…and loving following along on your painting…happy glorious weekend!

  8. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love the idea of leaving behind a letter. Your son will probably find that so endearing when that moment comes.

    Your scraping technique is marvelous. The colors, perfection, as usual!
    Happy Friday !

  9. ArtPropelled says:

    Gorgeous colours! If your mom was anything like mine, I know she would have been tickled pink that you used her palette knife.

  10. Heloise says:

    It is a stunning picture. Love the colours that you have used.

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