The Red House, The Blue Tree and a Door to the Underworld

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Playing, layering with mail art today.

Received this swell mail art envelope and goodies
from Lyle last night and wanted to share it.

A fabric flag and some prints
of it, some numbers school style
and an interesting photo montage piece.

Another recycled envelope of my own.

The wind was and continues
to be fierce here today, everything blowing.  Maybe that is why the
door to the underworld appeared?

Got some big dog walking to do.  Have a good evening all.


  1. glad to see the env. arrived and am anxious to see what happens next!love yours with the root cellar! expecting tornados? lyle

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Winds of change…right after that full pink moon. Hmm – that is some strong imagery too. Love the underworld. Makes me want to do explore the dark side a little. 🙂
    Happy walking !

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