Permission To Be Sparkly

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Besides painting, painting and more

glorious painting, a significant portion
of our time at Creative Juices Arts was
spent in meditation, body movement, 
connection exercises with each other and
shifting our focus.
Keeping our gaze
inside and at the same
time looking outside at
what was around us.
The meditation moved many of my paintings
to the forefront and I saw them as whole images
ready to go on the paper, yet they morphed
as my body became the instrument and my critical
mind faded away.
There was a good deal of moving forward and
retreat as if being big was too big or somehow
wrong or not acceptable.  One of the lessons
that I learned and that I gave to myself was
“Permission to be Sparkly”  
It was a gift I need to receive and it helped move me
outside and keep going forward.
Just remember you are all sparkly too!


  1. NuminosityBeads says:

    I like that sparkle! Sounds like it was a wonderful meditation and how nice to have it manifest in your paintings.


  2. Your creative spirit really does sparkle and shine in your art– what beautiful words written here.

  3. Mrs Moen says:

    You're not only sparkly but shining!

  4. Your garden looks beautiful with those paths going somewhere & the Acer leaves unfurling. I find such peace in my garden.

    I'm going back to watch the second video of Chris' place (my lovely family has been here this week!) – looks great & I see similarities with yoga, classes start again next week!!! My teacher said to us once 'give yourself permission to be here' & quiet tears rolled into the floor. Wonderful.

    Love your Mammas & sparkles!

  5. Marilyn Rock says:

    Beautiful garden and the painting is so freeing; love it! xxoo

  6. I love being sparkly …..thank you for your inspirational posts …xx

  7. I love all that sparkles, Corrine im sure i was a magpie in another life….i find all your posts inspiring xx thanks for always leaving a comment on my blog xx

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