Celebrating the Earth Mother

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Today we are celebrating Earth Day.
Beautiful blue bodacious planet
that give and gives and gives and
asks nothing in return.  I wish we
were celebrating Earth Life and our
awareness of the planet was so rich
we gave and gave and gave in return
so that the Earth could easily provide
for all living things without the stresses
it faces today.

Like this Mighty Redwood Mother in
Berkeley, CA below.

Many Earth Mother’s walk the planet
today.  I met some of them last week,
women full of giving
like the fabulous Chris Zydel who
became my messenger hawk and led
me to a new place of awareness, and
the nurturing Bibianna who poured
love into the food that nourished us
on our painting journey and who
supported the growth of the young
baker and his fabulous cookies and treats.

Like this garden at my home in it’s earthy beauty today
that gives me happiness.

Like all of the women with whom I spent
time painting from our Wild Hearts, some
of whom might not want to be named, so I
won’t, but their energy sustained me and helped
me to begin this great adventure and I want
to acknowledge each and every one, Fierce
and Powerful Earth Mother’s indeed.

My Earthy Duck Momma’s who graciously
gift us their eggs every day and the Wild
Spirit Momma’s who create magic and mystery
in our garden. Too many to name, too many
to name.

I envisioned a BIG MOMMA
and since we had SO MUCH GLITTER
to work with, in bottles and in personalities,
it was easy to paint.

Happy Earth Life, now go play!



  1. Mrs Moen says:

    Happy Earth Day to you, Corrine; what a wonderful post! Your Earth mother is very powerful just like in real life!

  2. Jensters says:

    Loved reading this Corrine….i didnt know it was earth day!!!

  3. Love the vibrancy and colors of your Big Momma!

  4. Kris Henderson says:

    Great awesome post!!! Beautiful images of our earth. Big Mama is outstanding and to me your painting extends a wide reached love.

  5. Kim Mailhot says:

    Oh, I want a hug from your big Earth Momma !Love her. Happy Earth Day, Fanatastic Artist-Momma!

  6. artymess says:

    wonderful,wonderful post Corrine inspiring and powerful ………is this what your voices were telling you about maybe ….it's strange I have been thinking about my spiritual path or lack of it and wanting to get in touch with something ….so you have given me food for thought …Thank you xx

  7. Marilyn Rock says:

    I love your Big Momma!!! There is so much to celebrate about Earth Day isn't there? Thanks so much for sharing. Your garden is spectacular! xxoo

  8. La Dolce Vita says:

    WONDERFUL post! and happy e day back at ya Earth Mother!

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