Greens Greens and More Greens

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All kinds of wild greens are coming up and
the humans, rabbits and ducks are eating
them, and oh yes, one beagle Rusty.
I also caught him rooting through the
dog food bag last night.  He eats everything
except grapes and plain lettuce.

Dandelion, mache, garlic mustard,
some left-over kale and chickweed.
Chickweed has a marvelous crunch
and fresh taste and I like to just pick
it and munch away. You can read about
it at the link and the photo there is
a nice close-up. Try any in a salad
or a stir-fry for the bitter qualities
and to get digestion moving.

Gardening is firmly on my mind.
Planted some purple and yellow
pansies today just to see a pop of

Backside of yesterday’s mellow
envelope with a little hotter attitude.


  1. Jensters says:

    How do you make these wonderful collages Corrine? They are wonderful. And look at Rusty's different colour green eyes.

  2. NuminosityBeads says:

    I heard that chickweed is really good juiced too. It will still be a month and a half before I can plant my Alaskan garden. The moose will be waiting….
    My auto capcha is hagmort- sounds like another kind of nutritious weed!

  3. artymess says:

    I love Rusty's 'Butter wouldn't melt' expression but I know hounds like their grub my brother had a beagle crossed with a foxhound who ate everything in sight ….
    I love those hot spicy colours …I guess we are just colourful gals eh !!………xx

  4. Gardening on my mind too, just a little frustrated to be going to work in the brilliant sunshine instead of getting my hands dirty – I need to sew some seeds! But I shouldn't complain, I'm only fficially shut in for 16 hours, the rest of the time I can happily wander (rush) from B&B, the studio & the garden. Oh & to the kids…happily my D cooks! (the chicken went in fine 🙂 )

  5. Kim Mailhot says:

    spice and green – a lovely coco ! Happy gardening and munching !

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