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Nothing moves forward in this life
without a little pain.

A little pain is good, it brings
balance to all that exuberant joy
we feel.

 A little acid green for pain unseen.
I wish it worked on my shoulders…

In other news…

I am so excited that Candace is coming
to visit.  You can see her here.
Kimberly thought she could use
a travel journey and we have many
things planned for her visit in the
works already.  We hope her time
with us will leave her with many fond
memories and no ouches of her own,
that cactus must have hurt!



  1. NuminosityBeads says:

    Your collage reminds me of a piece that I decided to do in my journal about my fears- It seemed to revolve around pain, There were a few pictures of spines and age as I recall.

    Yay for Candace!


  2. Jensters says:

    Will you make a Journal with you collages Corrine?

    I hope Candace enjoys her trip….i would love to go across the pond as you say x

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    Hope you get some tlc for pain – a good friend told me about arinica and it is our strain/bruised/aching muscle remedy of choice big time around here now ! 😉

    Lucky you to get Candace as a house guest ! Oh what adventures you will have !

  4. Mrs Moen says:

    I hate to say this, but your pain looks gougeous, but I'm sorry you are in pain!
    How fun to host a travelling doll. I would love to be a part of her journey if she does long distance flights.-)

  5. What a wonderful crazy idea sending Candace about the place!

    With a bit of pain we all grow stronger, right? Sometimes I could do without the pain bit! (my shoulders could do with a rub, too) I usually put lime green with blood red terracotta – you see it on rocks around here.

    I'm sure not all my comments are getting thru – hope you don't think i'm not here!

  6. Deborah says:

    I've also heard that arnica is good. Sometimes I also use tiger balm. What a fun project!

  7. dosfishes says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the comments. I do use Arnica, but this is chronic farm work and I pull the same muscle group over and over. Just life in the farm lane…….

  8. join up at the hand and shoulder brigade – there seem to be lots of us out there! I wonder why!you can send candace on to me and I can send her to new zealand! lyle

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