Hot Orange Heat and a Deep Purple Haze

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Today was simply gorgeous.
Temps in the 70’s and I wanted
to accomplish much in the yard
and in the studio.

I turned on the heat with some
hot orange and then cooled down
with some deep purple haze.

A really big tyvek envelope
14 x 20 was the inspiration for

Part of side one and

Part of side two

This morning I played in the dirt
in the garden, tonight I played in
the studio with texture.  Some partials
of a piece digitally altered to show
just texture.

Off to dinner
with my cute hubby.
See you Monday.


  1. Marilyn Rock says:

    Your art is fabulous; no fear of color and it really takes me into it! Your Blog is a wonderful marriage of words and art! xxoo

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Just gorgeous stuff happening here, Corrine. I think spring is extra good for your color juju !
    Enjoy the couples time !

  3. Calico Paint says:

    I hopped to your blog from Emma's Little Bit of Everything and found some wonderful visual and word collages. I love how you find the words to describe the ebb and flow around you like a collage of sights. Your "occupation" cracked me up. I will check back from time to time. Come and see me sometime also.

  4. I'm so glad the sunshine is warming you up these days…isn't it just the sweetest gift after a long winter? My trip to Artfest was so great, but I would've loved to plop you NE girls into the picture. I was in an officer house with a great bunch of women, and you would've fit right in! Going back to Squam in the fall?

  5. artymess says:

    Corinne Do you send things off in your wonderful envelopes ?…….Lorna x

  6. Mrs Moen says:

    Your collage of today is so happy, Corrine; I have always wanted an orange house. I saw my first spring flowers yesterday and they were purple and orange too.

  7. Jensters says:

    Wow that orange heat i can almost feel here in england….lol….i wish!! wonderful wonderful work….could you please tell me what tyvek is?….hugs Jennie

  8. Candace says:

    So happy to see temperatures *and* colours going up! Fun fun fun is being had at your place, obviously. I really like the combo of orange and purple.

    Have a *funtastic* week! I know you will!
    Still in Athens.

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