Sprung, Spring, Fling

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The sun comes hot and fast
as if Spring is erased.
Ducks splash slapping
their feathers on the water and
fling droplets to the sky
only to have them rain down
into the same pool once again.

The rhythmic motion of
lifting the pitchfork and
swinging it up is a mediation
even as the sweat forms on
the brow and the skin tingles
with the itch of warmth not
felt for months.

Worms rise from the ground
and are snatched up in greedy beaks.
The odor of ammonia permeates the air
compost happens and the duck house
is an oven of microbial activity.

Dog barks echo across the pond
as the dogs bark at their own voices
without recognition. Neighbor dogs
join in until the chorus drowns
out all other noise except that
of the woodpecker busily hammering
away on the oak tree outside my window.

Sprung Spring Fling.

Happy Easter to all.


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Isn't the busy-ness wonderful ? Enjoy and happy Easter to you too, lovely Corrine.

  2. Ophelia says:

    This is truly amazing!

  3. lyle baxter says:

    the comment in spring on our farm was we flung dung! and sheep do lotsa dodo! but it is good exercise! flinging that is. like todays picture. very lively! lyle

  4. artymess says:

    Happy Easter to you too ….Lorna x

  5. gretchen says:

    Your words are as beautiful as your art; such a lovely post!
    A Happy Easter to you, too,
    hugs, gretchen

  6. Early spring is always a crazy mix of sunshine some days and then wind and rain storms (today) and even snow sometimes– can't wait for the warm days of spring that come more often and actually stay around til summer. nice poem and images

  7. circles, circles everywhere. Fab colors. btw, I drew the twig onto the drees pattern tissue. I need to make stronger marks!

    Happy Easter 🙂

  8. ArtPropelled says:

    Your painting raises the spirits, Corrine. Happy Easter to you!

  9. I was just sitting here with the window open listening to frogs in a nearby pond, ducks quacking as they pass over, all sorts of birds and an occasional dog barking. Spring has arrived in big rush this year. I love it.

    Love your painting too.

  10. ps more shout to come when its quiet next week!

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