Messages in Many(Purple) Forms

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The red tailed hawk flew by my window

this afternoon as I was sending a comment
to Emma on the Isle of Skye.   Emma is
a new blog pal and does the most fascinating
3″ square collage series every week.  I
felt like the hawk was sending good juju
to Emma by flying by at that moment.

Snap did a post on hawks back in
December that was fun and fascinating.
She frequently educates me with her
tidbits that seem to come out of nowhere
and everywhere. She is a BIG reader
and explorer of the world.

Not only are the hawks flying, but
the redwings and grackles are calling,
the robins trilling, crows cawing and
the cardinals are singing.
Peepers and bullfrogs are
sending messages into the world,
crawling up and out of the mud
to give voice.

Lately purple has come to me
in almost everything.  Purple
clothes, purple papers, and
flowers too.  Purple mixed with
deep pinks and greens and whites,
stripes and speckles too. Purple
in dreams and when I close my
eyes a velvet purple color rests
on the inside of my lids.

The door to purple is here to stay for a while
and I will see where it leads.

More mail art collage
with a an fun acetate cover.


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love these !And you know the Queen loves her purple too !
    Red tailed hawks remind me of my dad – love living in NH because I see them all the time. So happy to have the red wing blackbirds and their twirling tweet back in these parts.

    Enjoy the sprouting…

  2. Wow, thanks for the mention in your post, I feel quite important! 🙂

    Scotland becomes purple in August with the heather on the moors, so I took a pinkish pic of the sun peeping over the hill this morning at 7.15, godawful hour but I thought I might as well as our bed & breakfast guest (we only do one room) was out at 6.30am!

  3. Mrs Moen says:

    Love your collage!
    Purple and orange is my favourite colour combination; I have made many quilts using that.
    I had a dream last night that I was doing mixed media art, and I was really good at it. Dream on.-)

  4. artymess says:

    It leads to beautiful art work ………lorna x

  5. lyle baxter says:

    purple is another favorite! you can go so many different ways with it please do more! lyle

  6. I love this mail art. It looks huge but I imagine it's not that big? So cool!

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