Dogs Dogs and More Dogs

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Seven dogs, seven dogs, seven dogs!!!!!
Jay and his girl are going on a cruise.
I am dog-sitting the three amigos.

Our house is chaos.  All of our dogs
don’t especially like the idea of
the three amigos spending 10 days
here, yes 10 days.

Thankfully the weather will be
cooperating and there will be
lots of outside time. Sniffing,
digging and barking at the rabbits
and ducks, who no longer pay any
attention to the canine set.

Mr. Bruschi in his red coat.

Mr. Philo is giving everyone the what for to keep them in line.
It is sort of like having doggie day care but without the pay.
That’s what my life is like anyway.

More mail art to save the day.
It really is all in the details.
Luckily I found three more big envelopes to
keep me going…


  1. Marilyn Rock says:

    Sounds like you'll have your hands full but I bet it will be fun! The three amigos – love it! Your envie art, again, is awesome! xxoo

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Enjoy the hounds !
    Love to you !

  3. La Dolce Vita says:

    wow, that is a lot of doggie energy! 2 wear me out all day! gotta get a doggie door!

  4. Mrs Moen says:

    Oh my; I guess I don't have to ask you how you'll spend your Easter. 7 dogs for 10 days; you are a brave and sporty woman!

  5. artymess says:

    What fun 7 dogs it's fun being part of a big pack you could pretend you are Caesar Milan.he he …..Lorna x

  6. Oh. My. Seven is (supposedly) a lucky number, so count your blessings! Love that terrier. The expression is priceless!

    That mail art is fun! Catching up with peeps is almost as much fun as that!
    Take care and stay high and dry up there.

  7. Sounds like your house is going to be busy and noisy for a few days (daze?!). Enjoy! Love the mail art.

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