Bounteous Gifts from Friends Far and Wide

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Today’s mail brought
bounteous gifts from far
and wide.

All the way from Dusseldorf,
Germany, the so talented fiber artist and
photograper Beate
suggested we do a swap when
I fell in love with this bag.

Creamy, luscious French fabric
and recycled jeans, what could be
more perfect together with it’s heart
and loops and zip pouch.  I am so lucky.

Along in the same post came the birthday
card swap from Beate.  She is turning 60
in June and I am one of
60 folks(at least) sending her a card for her 60th.
In turn she sent one to me.

Vintage photo, wallpaper,
nubby silk and linen fabric and lace.

Another new friend, Kathleen Botsford
from round bout Chicagoland way
and I decided to do a post card swap
when she read my birthday post. I sent
her one and she sent me this today.
A post card of her own collage and
some collage cards she made of another
piece of her work as a belated birthday

I am beginning to love the post office.

But seriously, there is something so joyous
about sending off a gift to someone and hoping
that they smile next door or half way around the
world.  This blogging community of artists and crafters
of all kinds have such a willingness to share with one
another it make my heart fly.

Thank you Beate and Kathleen for you wonderful
gifts, they lifted my day out of the ordinary into
the extra-ordinary.

A new recycled mailing envelope collage side 1
with some Philly Cheese Steak thrown in for
Karen Cole.


  1. Karen Cole says:

    You are too funny.
    I feel like I just gained 5 recycled pounds. Jeez.

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love the art barter ! The bag is so cute !
    This arty community sure is a fun one.
    Happy Thursday, Trader Corrine.

  3. Great gifts! I really like the idea of recycling mail into collages.

  4. What bounty! I think I am still the little girl that loves getting surprises in the mail … these goodies make my heart swoon! What treats and thanks for letting us share in the thrill.

    am inspired by the recycled mail collages although i fear i would be buried alive if i didn't recycle the bulk of my mail as it flows in … a bit like a tsunami …

  5. Oh goodness, what a funtastically fabu post. The material on that bag just makes me happy to see it. When I first spotted it, I thought, and what little girl will get that? Should'a KNOWN.

    And that next photo, what a heartbreakingly beautiful girl *that* one is.

    These swaps and such, so much fun and hijinks.
    Have a super good day and weekend.
    Candace in Athens x

  6. I love this, very cool. Sorry I haven't been by to visit. I think I subscribed to too many blogs and then I lose track! 🙂

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