Hot Orange in a Dark Blue Sea

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Today was a creative bog/slog
until I put the hot orange into play.
Now I feel like it is a much better day.


  1. Orange and blue are great together!

  2. I like that chinese look! the orange is a great zinger! lyle

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    This is one of my favorite combos ! So beautiful !
    Happy Friday, Loveley Corrine.

  4. Michelle Shopped says:

    why i like orange…

  5. Mrs Moen says:

    Fantastic colour combo; no day can be blah with blues and oranges.
    Have you changed your needle yet? If you are going to stitch more bark or other stuff, you might want to get a leather needle, they will sew through anything.

  6. Evangeline says:

    I saw the small pic of this in the side bar at La Dolce Vita and HAD to click through. It is just gorgeous! I love the vivid colours and the textures, wonderful.

  7. Momo Luna says:

    This is so wonderful! I love the colors, i love the abstract feel to it. 🙂

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