Lakes, Pools and a Clash of Titans

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We topped 10 inches of rain.
The water is the highest in the pond
in 100 years, luckily
we are up 20 feet above the water, some
neighbors may not be so lucky.

Water and wind pummeled all day

Ice this morning turned into lakes,
pools formed where none existed before.

Moss sprouted coral and tree flowers bloomed.

The land scarred by the movement of water through
the landscape as if the gods had their way with us.
Only one patient soul, faithful companion, splashed
happily in the many pools and waited for his
human companion to hurry up along this nature

Dreaming of Neptune…


  1. lyle baxter says:

    ah, my turquoise! all I can say is BLUE SKY! it is so beautiful and Sun! two amazing things. what a lift they give you. hope you are enjoying it too lyle

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    Glad your home is okay. Pretty crazy water stuff going on. Maybe it is time to do a fire dance to steam some of it away. I know the pooches would be disappointed if their pools went away, but really !
    Love Neptune's dream…
    Happy Tuesday !

  3. Michelle Shopped says:

    it is so beautiful where you live! i'd be in heaven…pooch reminds me of my mom's dog and so shore plaza? is that where they're putting the new nordstrom? (my girl's doing her internship there this summer i believe)…

  4. The turquoise is so beautiful! What a sweet dog.

  5. Do you need my water wings? !!!! ;D ;D

    Happy to hear you are *high*. Love the photos and the new collage.

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