Red Squirrel in the Doghouse and Scrappy Sew Happy

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The red squirrel is in the doghouse with me.

I caught him/her tearing a strip from my
erosion bundle(now that’s assisted erosion)
this morning, so I quickly ran out and cut
the bundle down.

 Later today I will bury said bundle
in a new location where only the
worms, beetles, centipedes, mice
and voles may find it.

Thinking about that squirrel,
I grabbed a nice piece of birch
bark from the ground.  Sewed
some collage bits from here and
there and gave the collage some
bark for protection.

I also finished up my first
sew scappy bits for the
Remains of the Day class
over at Dispatch from LA.

 This is proving to be
so much fun.


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    Love love love the barked collaged ! Brilliant !
    I wonder what in the bundle was attracting El Squirrelo ?Or perhaps he wanted some art to feather his nest ?
    Happy Saturday!

  2. Wonderful collage! Who would have thought a squirrel would have been attracted to the erosion bundle?

  3. Mrs Moen says:

    That is so cool, Corrine! How does your machine like sewing through bark and thick painted paper; do you use a leather needle or ordinary ones?

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