Squirrel Attack and a Organic Orange

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Erosion bundle under squirrel attack.

A red squirrel has been attacking my
erosion bundle to steal the muslin for
it’s nest.  I watched it gather the muslin
in it’s mouth and try to pull the bundle off
the tree, or at least tear the fabric and
make off with it.

I fear that I must
remove it from the tree
and bury it or the bundle won’t
survive. The red squirrel’s are
a tenacious lot and will rip apart
anything they can.  Last year they
removed all the burlap inside the duck
yard that I used as a wind block.
My bundle will not survive attack.
I will post photos of it’s new location

My friend Lyle Baxter
(and one of the coolest
ladies I know) makes the most
amazing stamps and finds
the most ordinary/extraordinary materials
to stamp her collages.  Inspired by her
recent meshy find, I used a loofah sponge
to stamp these organic looking
flowers on my collage.  Some packing tape
over a fun security envelope provided the
rest of my inspiration and of course orange.


  1. Now, who would guess that the elements would include red squirrels. I hope your bundle will find a safer place to rest for the next month.
    I love your collage of the day!

  2. lyle baxter says:

    hooray for you. keep looking around the kitchen. there are all sorts of good things to try stamping with! todays post with the loofah treatment is cool! lyle

  3. La Dolce Vita says:

    amazing and brilliant idea!! I will have to check out her blog!

  4. I put peanuts outside for my red squirrels– maybe they would leave your burlap alone if they had peanuts. Though they probably want the burlap for their nests to keep warm. Your collage is very bright and colorful.

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