Hunting and Gathering

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On my early morning walk
with Philo I was in a hunting
gathering mood.

Two heart shaped stones
appeared out of nowhere
and filled one pocket.

I stopped next to pick up some
hemlock cones.  These are
my favorite and are
in abundance at this time
of year. Petite cones
one inch long and half as
wide  that grow into trees that
tower 100 feet or more into
the air.

A few more days before we
head back down the thermometer
to cold rain and winter chills.

Today I started the Remains Of The Day
class at Dispatch From LA and got
so enthused I got most of a scrappy
cover done. More on this later…

Happily sewing and sewing and sewing
and today’s collage journal turned into

Deconstructed two of the
last of January’s collages and
sewed them all together, a 3d
experimental piece of cord
wrapped in felt and some ink
and paint. 

Still holding onto Spring thoughts.


  1. lyle baxter says:

    I love seeing your daily pictures . they always give me a smile! the colors are so cheerful. your env. goes to the P.O. today! happy wednesday ! lyle

  2. Nice collage! I love the colors and texture!

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