Oops no lights-A message from the Universe

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We woke yesterday morning
after the night’s wind storm to
a dark world.

The first comment my adorable
husband made at 6:15 a.m. was
“honey, can you get email to work, I can’t.”
I am the “technology wiz” in our
house which is a scary thought as
at best I muddle through technology
with a seat of your pants approach.
I can proudly say I have never read
one of those training manuals and
we own a Mac, so, duh, no brainer.

I, however,  made the brainiac logical leap
and said
“Um, I think we have no cable since
the power is out, cable lines are down too.”

His first thought was not, what about
the food in the fridge, what about lights,
but lets get that email going.
Luckily we are prepared for such
weather mishaps.
We have a generator, and a woodcook stove, so we had light,
heat and hot coffee.

Yet I realized in my husband’s
frustration at not being able to work how much
we are a technology driven world, even for
a 65 year old man and 54 year old woman.
We run our own business and everything
is email driven these days, so without it,
time stands still. No scanner, no fax(does anyone
actually still fax?), no printers, which didn’t matter
since we couldn’t scan and email anything anyway.

We are computer junkies in our own way.
Love surfing the internet, I blog, he finds
guitar music on various sites and reads the news,
finds obscure physics books we NEED to own.

I didn’t really mind at all because I didn’t need
electricity in the studio.  I had a glue stick, some
water in a yogurt container, paper, paints, and brushes
and daylight. I took an extra walk with the
dogs and spent a peaceful technology free
day just doing.

Half of our world didn’t work yesterday,
was in a snowstorm of some sort or another,
so the lack of technology didn’t matter.

I did have to laugh, though, when I saw my closest
neighbor standing outside looking at the
light pole with a big question mark over his
head as if to ask, “why aren’t you working?”

Needless to say, we have power this morning,
so here is yesterday’s collage.

Pondering acts of God, lost light and a world
before computers hence the image of a church
in a prairie I found.  Lines, numbers, electricity
and computer code all out of reach yesterday.
Messages from the universe?


  1. Oh, yes…those messages from the Universe are something, aren't they!!!! Reminds me of Hurricane Ike and being without electricity for a week (only) … thankfully it wasn't too hot and steamy. Listened to the radio (where to pick up ice). Dumping everything in the freezer and 'frig. Helping the neighbors clean up. That was good … the neighbors … who knew?!!!!!!!!

  2. Your household sounds very much like ours as far as the computer goes anyway although my man does read the manuals and still can't figure out the simplest of things.
    Me–I haven't read a manual–tried to once and I couldn't understand the terminology so I gave up and figured it out for myself.
    It is amazing what you can do when there is no electricity–no TV to distract us so all that is left is to create wonderful art.

  3. Kim Mailhot says:

    Glad you are all safe and sound. As a kid who spent every summer of her life until the age of 16 without electricity, I am well aware that our imaginations take over as far as how to entertain ourselves when there is no power! I would miss my heat gun a bit, but also long as I am warm enough, it would be fine ! Funny what we feel dependant on, isn't it ?
    Lots of big damage around here due to the winds – many still without power in the city which sucks ! I am grateful for the cozy as I get ready for my trip tomorrow…
    Have a great weekend, lovely Corrine !

  4. ArtPropelled says:

    I enjoyed this post (especially the obscure physics books we need to own) and like your collage …. a lot.

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