Pockets in Pastel

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Playing around with pocket ideas.

I found these book pages in my
stash that I had glued together
(about 3 pages) and coated
with gesso.  I love using things
with torn edges, so the inside edge
of these pages had the rumpled
look I like, so I sewed them down.

I wanted to preserve January’s collage,
because I like it, and a pocket
this size would let me slip it right in.

Some ribbon embellishment and paint
and another small side pocket which
can be filled later, also sewed and
this sort of romantic page showed up.
Just the pick me up for a gray, rainy day.
How do you spell gray? (Grey, gray, gris?)

Here is a close up of the pocket detail, 
I am happy with the worn edges…

A little metallic paint never hurts either.


  1. lyle baxter says:

    the metallic paint is the eye catcher. I was reading where a woman made a quilt with a tiny pocket in one of the squares and hid a lock of her sweeties hair in it! sweet dreams lyle

  2. Gorgeous! I love how you have addes spots of bright colours against the pastel.

  3. Michelle Shopped says:

    oh my goddess! synchronicity — go take a look at the post i just put up…

  4. This looks great! And it looks like fun.

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