Angular Hearts and Purple

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Today has been a day of sharp contrasts
with friends in the real and virtual world
sharing deep posts about love and hate,
destiny and decision, the roller coaster
of feelings we humans navigate through
every day.

I came into the studio stuck for anything
to write about and read these words from
Kim and Patricia and decided what I needed
was a long walk with my pal Philo.


All I could think as I walked was that
our feelings, our hearts today were all
sharp, spiky, angular and not at all
soft and opening and blissful.

I too woke from a bizarre dream this morning
and felt a little off.  I chalked it up to the
wind that roared through here last night,
clanging the bell at our gate, clickity-clacking
the trees together in noisy music.

As I walked through the pasture and woods,
the late afternoon sun warming my face,
I snapped photos.


I took photos of the rock wall, angular geometric
history of the land, the lichen brittle in the cold,
the tree bark in sharp contrast in the late sun,
the deep hole in the oak, home to secrets I will never
share.  These pieces of the landscape put me back into
my inconsequential place in the universe.
A soft blip in time, not the hundreds/thousands of years
of history that these elements share.


As I walked back down the driveway, what
should I come upon, but an angular heart
melting in the late winter sun.

AND…everyone on the news this morning wore purple…



  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    I love purple…Thank you taking a walk like that for all of us on this day. Inconsequential in some ways of the world but so significant in others.
    Love to you, Big Heart Walking Friend of mine…

  2. lyle baxter says:

    I love purple too! love the photos of your walk. we are such minor players in the big picture aren't we? thanks for the reminder! lyle

  3. Michelle Shopped says:

    a walk thru that peace would soothe me and restore me…nature is my drug of choice — i can get lost in the depths of its soul, and feel my soul at one with it…mmmm…xo

  4. Peaceful walk! I laughed when you said everyone wore purple!!! Purple is a wonderful color — one of my favorites and I love the collage.

  5. Love these photos, especially the shadow picture of you and Philo.

  6. Great photos, particularly of Philo! All the shades of purple are so soothing.

  7. have been in my studio today but not doing much and feeling out of sorts so thank you for this nice little stroll– it helped

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