Connections and Wind

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Almost time to mail
out my post cards to places
around the world.
Thanks to Hanna Andersson
who came up with this delightful
swap.  It has been a blast to do.

Some stitched, some not, but all have bits
and pieces of my dad’s old engineering book.
Pages about chains, my thoughts about connections.
Soon to fly off to Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, Scotland
and destinations in the US. Connections everywhere.
Life here on the pond has been filled with wind.
It blows from the west down the narrow pond
relentlessly and sounds like a freight train,
and the cold has accompanied it so much so
that I have to keep the blinds drawn in my 
basement studio/office to keep the heat in.
I have lots of light, big windows, but the
wind just seems to come right through to
my bones.
My collage today is all about pushing color
through the wind to warm these bones…


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    The cards look wonderful ! It has been fun to work on small pieces that you know will be heading out to random people. I really enjoyed the process too.
    Hopefully the wind will be quieter today. Snow coming – at least a little insulation !
    Stay cozy !

  2. Marilyn Rock says:

    These are awesome!

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