MCCA, Heart in my Hand

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Wow..what a surprise…

Today I  have the honor
of being a featured artist
(really just a generalist maker
of all kinds of collage things – in my
mind anyhoo)
on the MCCA website along
with the ever so talented artists
Kerin Gale and Elaine Brady Smith.

Artist Debbie Overton started this ning
as a way for like minded artists/makers
to chat, share information, be mentored
take classes, show their
work and to create a marketplace
for artists to sell their work.

There are some amazing people
in this ning, please click on this
MCCA link and go there for a look.

I also spent the day with my
husband, son and his girl having
a meal and working at Jay’s shop
to spruce up, rearrange and generally
give the place a new look. 

He is struggling a little and I know he
has to go through the pains of creating
a new business, but he is working so
hard(two almost full time jobs) and
he is smart, but that doesn’t make
the economy do what you want it
to.  As a mom, all I want to do is
make it happen for him, while knowing
that he has to make it happen for himself,
but when we got home today I had
a soft heart, one that wanted it all to
be okay for him and not sure that
it will be.  Hence the collage
I made tonight…

Too much flash on the camera, this close-up
shows the color better…


  1. Kim Mailhot says:

    A heart and a hand in a beautiful textured collage – you know I love this one !
    Congrats on the promo ! It is fun to be recognized for the great art and the great open mind and heart you put into your work !

    Here's to dreams being realized…
    Big Love to you !

  2. lyle baxter says:

    dear corrine, having a child with a small retail business is my job too. fortunately hers has been going for 12 years and we began to notice the slowdown early on and she was able to keep inventory and bills under control, but it has been difficult and required lots of changes including cutting back hours. she too has a full time job in a busy hospital. thank heaven! the shop wouldn't
    have been enough! If your son can hold on for a little longer things are slowly improving here at least and hopefully he'll survive and business will pick up! I'll be thinking of you and him when I play shopkeeper! lyle

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