Stitched Purple, Think Small and some Wily Critters

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You know that the critters rule
your life when their play yards
are bigger than your house.

Our house is a cottage from the
1920’s that was a summer house
for some folks who lived a mile
down the road in our town.

They would move in for the summer
to swim and enjoy the pond and
then move back out in the winter
so they didn’t have to plow the
mile of dirt road to get here.

We did not want a big house,
we purposefully looked for small
because how much do you really need
in this life?

We spent five years completely
rehabbing the house to make it
energy efficient and to put our
individual stamp on it and make
it ours, using many of the materials
we had to remove to build other things
like the duck house and our wood storage

As I lug water buckets to the
ducks and rabbits and see their
1,200 square foot play yard, and
know that I have fenced about an
acre or more for the dogs, I realize
that our mere just shy of 700 feet
of a house which houses us and
four dogs is miniscule, but a cozy
nest nonetheless and almost enough.

Are their any virtual closets out there?

Some more of my stitched kraft
collaged and painted and colored
with pencil.


  1. I could use a virtual closet – or two!

  2. Well… they outnumber you!

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