Chaos of Waves, Bundles in the Wind and a Ancient Friend

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I hung the Erosion bundles in the wind
in the side yard yesterday.  I can see
them from the kitchen window,
a good vantage point to observe progress.
I visited my neighbor’s to let her
dog’s out at lunch and took a shot
of the dear canine friend, the ancient Ashworth,
and this exquisite robin’s nest in her
cherry tree.
Today’s collage: Chaos of Waves


  1. lyle baxter says:

    I like the # kick you are on. I've been thinking shapes! and peace! thanks for your comment. lyle

  2. Love this post — a little of everything — lovely art, Ashworth (the delightful) and the nest … wonderful!

  3. lk moonwood says:

    Wonderful ACTion in your collages (and what a coincidence… even the 8 is a coincidence 'cause I haven't been blog surfing for a few days – cosmic!) and I'm intrigued by the erosion project. I'll be watching to see what happens to the bundle.

  4. Lawendula says:

    Great work. I am a collage maniac too. (most of the times) 😉

  5. Kim Mailhot says:

    What a beautiful dog – those eyes !

    Loving these daily collages, Miss Corrine. The turquoisey blues and golds are gorgeous together…
    Happy Wednesday !

  6. I love the hanging bundles. I have sent mine to my fathers garden so that I don't give way to temptation and sneak a peak.

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