Second Post Monday 1/4/10/Erosion Bundle Project

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Love Stitching Red
posted about the Erosion
Bundle project and I thought
it would be an interesting challenge
to participate in.

I am a little late, but it’s
okay.  I made up two bundles
one with a feed bag and various
papers and another with a piece
of unbleached muslin and some
collage papers, some canvas painted
strips, a vintage letter and some scraps
from my studio table.

I will hang them up in the garden in
the wind later today and will post
those shots tomorrow.

You can find the link here


  1. Kris Henderson says:

    Your bundles look great. Tight & Tidy!
    Glad you are participating!

  2. hello corrine,
    it's nice to "meet" you – thank you stopping by and commenting on my blog. it will be interesting to see how erosion changes your bundle – i love experiments like that! happy new year to you.

  3. rachel whetzel says:

    What a neat bundle of goodies!!

  4. Dale Anne Potter says:

    LOVELY goodies in your bundle! I am anxious to see what everyone's bundles will look like on April 15th.

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