New Year, New…

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I almost never make New Year’s resolutions.

But 2009 was such an inspiring year for me
in my making, that the Keeper of the Paste
has come to a startling realization.

My mojo is a glue stick.

So simple, yet so not
because it requires ACTion.
As a pisces, who often travels
in both directions at the same
time, this can be difficult.

So I, the Keeper of the Paste,
resolve in 2010 to TRY and make
a collage every day.

An almost
wordless journal
for the new year and
the new decade.

And you friends, relatives, assorted
dogs and other manner of beast
and bird shall witness whether
or not I can keep this resolution.

The reason I am even considering this
ACTion is because my mojo is my way
of moving forward in the universe and
the universe has been letting me know
with subtle prompts that this is the
way to GO….

1/1/2010 is here.



  1. I raise my glue stick to you in a toast! Go, go, go!!!!

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    You go, Keeper ! Fill that journal and your soul, beautiful Corrine.
    Happy, happy New Year !

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