A New Roof, The Santa Sack And Memories

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Just before Thanksgiving
our garage roof informed
us it needed replacing
by developing a leak.

Since we use it as a
warehouse of sorts for our
business, it was necessary to
replace immediately.

This required a dumpster
delivery to dispose of all the
old shingles. So, we decided
it was time to purge basement
and garage of all stuff
we all save thinking we WILL
use said stuff again.

During this process I found
some fabric that I had not seen
in 14 years.  Fabric that I had
used to make a Santa Sack
for my son when he was small.

I also found fabric from his
original baby quilt I made
when I was pregnant with him.

Fabrics I did not know I still had.

What a joy to know that
those fabrics can be made
into new memories, new
stories for my son to share
in the future with children
he may someday have himself.
Or just memories for him to
keep of his own childhood.

When I made the original Santa
Sack I was a single mom with
no sewing machine, so I made it
all by hand so he would have
a special sack for Santa to leave
his presents.  We have used it
every year since, because
Santa always comes here
and brings him gifts,
and memories.


Let his shooting star guide you to fond memories
too.  Happy Sunday.


  1. Wonderful post! Plenty of *found* fabric to make more memories! Yeah!

  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    This is a beautiful post, Corrine. Love that those sweet emmories found you and filled you during this giving season.
    Happy Sunday !

  3. La Dolce Vita says:

    awww what a great post! love the santa sack!

  4. The santa sack is adorable. It's nice to hear about such memories.

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